Traditional Yamagata Experiences

Cultural Knowledge Banks are actively trying to hand down wonderful local culture such as everyday culture and knowledge of traditional performing arts of the old Yamagata homeland to the next generations, from parents to children and from those children to their own children, through teaching and learning together. The main objective is to instill a feeling of affection and understanding to those children who will be the future of Yamagata, so that they can make the area better known to others in the coming generations.

Regional traditions, supported and sustained by local people and their interactions with their area’ s abundant nature, history and culture, is highly regarded throughout the country. All of this culture is passed on to the children through the activities of Cultural Knowledge Banks which help them to better understand and love their hometown and improve their social communication skills. The adults that take part in the activities feel a new purpose and a sense of contribution to their birthplace, giving them hope that the local traditions will be carried on into the future.

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