Mazawa Rice Planting Dance Preservation Society

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Murayama, Nishikawa

The Mazawa rice planting dance is a traditional performing art that has been passed down since before the Showa period.Residents of the region performed the dance in celebration of New Year, praying for a bountiful harvest the following year.With the advancing age of the population the number of people performing the dance has decreased. Dance performances have been taught to 5th graders in elementary schools of the Mazawa region since 1989(2nd year of Heisei period), who perform at Kumano Shrine’s annual ritual festival.Dance practices are usually held once a week from June to July by Mazawa Rice Planting Dance Preservation Society.Performances take place at the local Event for the Aged in September, the town’s Culture Festival in November, and at local nursing homes.

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