Ohori Kagura Preservation Group

Theme : Traditional Art Area : Mogami, Mogami

This group aims to expand the preservation of the traditions surrounding Mogami Town’s only lasting example of kagura dance. Every year, Ohori Kagura’s “Kado Mawari” starts on the second day of the New Year. The senior citizens’ club coupled with the children’s club together make round rice cakes at the community center. On the next day, the preservation group visits all the local houses playing drums, flutes and small cymbals and wearing the lion masks that have been handed down from the days of the first settlements. Each house is entered carrying a wooden wand with white streamers. Each room is visited and cleansed of any demons and proclamations of “Family Safety”, “Perfect Health” and “Abundant Harvest” are spoken in a high-spirited clear voice. One round rice cake and mandarin orange is given to each household and adults also receive blessed rice wine. This is an annual event, making the rice cakes on one day and visiting everyone’s house on the next. It only lasts two days but it involves all people living in the local area cleansing any demons and praying for good fortune for the coming year.

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