Inakudashi Antelope Dance Preservation Society

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Murayama, Murayama

From the end of the Edo period in the Inakudashi section of present-day Murayama, the folk performance of Inakudashi Antelope Dance has been handed down for generations. In 1956 (Showa 31), upon launch of the 9th Antelope Dance Association, a preservation society was organized for the purpose of handing down the Inakudashi Antelope Dance in the future, and continues its activities to this day.
Through its preservation activities the society aims to vitalize the community, regularly holding practice sessions where participants also learn about local customs and events. Also, since 2009 the society has been engaged in activities to pass the Inakudashi Antelope dance on to children, who will lead for the next generation.

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