Tsubaki Nenbutsu (Buddhist Prayer) Dance Preservation Society

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Okitama, Iide

The Tsubaki Nenbutsu Dance of Iide Town’s Tsubaki section is a traditional dance that was started nearly 300 years ago in the 5th year of the Kyouhou period. This dance was created to commemorate the re-building of the Yakushinyorai Hall within the grounds of the Tsubaki Daifuku Temple.
It is said all people who believe in Amida Buddha will be saved, and this Tsubaki Nenbutsu dance expresses that joy through dancing and musical instruments. In 1978 (Showa 53), it was designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of the town.
With the aim of passing this tradition on to future generations, the Tsubaki Nenbutsu Dance Preservation Society takes advantage of Summer vacation to teach the dance to children at the Iide Number 2 Public Elementary School. Every year on the 14th of August the fruits of that practice are displayed throughout the Tsubaki section of the town of Iide.

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