Koguwa District Silkworm Breeding Education Association

Theme : Traditional performing arts, Nature, Creature Area : Okitama, Shirataka

This group has been raising silkworms since 2002. In 2014, it was one of two schools in Japan to receive a national award from the Sericultural Society of Japan (President: Prince Hitachi). Currently, there are eight instructors who, together with Koguwa Elementary school’s third graders, take care of the silkworms from fourth instar stage of larval development to when they make their cocoons. The instructors also spin the cocoons into silk thread (reeling), reeling cocoons into cotton (boiling cocoons to make cotton), and reeling cotton into pongee fabric (making pongee from cotton). Also, sixth graders learn to make cocoon flower corsages, which all students wear on their lapels at the graduation ceremony before leaving the school.

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