Nakahirata Children’s Kagura Music

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Shonai, Sakata

Nakahirata Children’s Kagura has its origins in the Kagura of the Higashihirata Takinosawa Preservation Society which was passed down to the Tegurada Kagura Preservation Society in 1920(9th year of Taisho period). The Kagura has been passed down to children in the Nakahirata region since 1999(11th year of Heisei period) to boost regional economy.
In performance of the Yosen, Tengu Mai dance, and Shishi Mai Lion dance, children accompany the dancers with flutes, big and small taiko drums cheering and singing. As of 2017, children in Nakahirata region are instructed by leaders of Tegurada Kagura Music Preservation Society, and entertain people at the local Respect for the Aged event and other festivals, etc.

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ProductionYamagata Prefecture Life-long Learning Cultural Foundation(fndn)