Matsuyama Children's Kyogen Society (Shoufuusha)

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Syonai, Sakata

Matsuyama Noh has been handed down in the Matsuyama area of Sakata City since the Edo period. It is currently designated as an intangible cultural heritage by the prefecture of Yamagata and has a wide range of activities, including three annual performances of the folk art Nogaku.
As a part of these activities, it has been holding Kyogen classes for elementary school students for more than 20 years, with the aim of introducing them to the local performing arts and fostering future performers. Currently, the group practices twice a month on the Noh stage at the Matsuyama Castle ruins.
The group shares the results of their practice with the public three times per year at the "Matsuyama Castle Takigi Noh" in June, the "Dedication Noh" to Shinmei Shrine in August, and the "Matsuyama Grand Cold Noh" in January. It also proudly performs in the "Study Recital" at Matsuyama Elementary School.

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