Children’s Recital of Classic Literature Class

Theme : Other Area : Shonai, Tsuruoka

Students during the Edo period, as part of their studies, would read out Chinese classics aloud at the Chidokan (old Shonai Clan School for the Tsuruoka Daimyo). The Children’s Recital of Classic Literature Class was established in 1968, to deepen knowledge of the original academic culture of Tsuruoka and to improve the understanding of and interest in classical literature. Every year in the Chidokan, students ranging from elementary to middle school learn how to read and then voice the writings in the text, “Rongosho” (collection of Confucius analects). The performances, with the correct posture, confident attitude and strong voice are masterly. There are also early morning recitals during the summer vacation and recreational activities included in the historic culture heritage tour.

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