Sakata Bayashi Preservation Society

Theme : Festival Area : Syonai, Sakata

The Sakata Bayashi Preservation Society was established in 1960 (Showa 35) to revitalize the Sakata Festival and pass it on to the children who will lead the next generation. There are three types of Sakata Bayashi: "Sanno Bayashi," "Obako Bayashi," and "Minato Bayashi," of which the children of the city's elementary schools learn "Minato Bayashi" from the Preservation Society, passing it down to the next generation. Under the enthusiastic guidance of the preservation society, the children learn how to play the odaiko and shimedaiko drums, as well as flute, small brass gong, and how to keep the rhythm.
At the main festival held every year on May 20, many children dressed as lions parade in the streets, and the sound of the drums played by the children, the beautiful flutes and the lively small gong entertain many spectators.

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