Kami Fusen Group

Theme : Others Area : Murayama, Yamagata

This volunteer group was established in 2002 to help people hear and sing traditional nursery rhymes, and read aloud various old-time stories. The events are run with the hope that participants will enjoy the sound of people’ s voices and feel happy interacting with others. These volunteer events are held both inside and outside of Yamagata, at child care support centers, nursery schools, elementary schools, community centers and libraries. Once a month, the wonder and joy of those performances can be experienced at the Cybele Arena in Yamagata city, at an event called O-hanashi Konnichiwa.

Kami Fusen directly translates to "paper balloon" but it is also a reference to a folk song group (1974). The words, Kami Fusen can also take on the meaning of something connected to folklore or tradition.

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