Shadow picture Club Dombinsukanko

Theme : Oral tradition literary arts Area : Murayama, Obanazawa

In 2012, four people started making shadow pictures, creating pictures of folk tales that have been handed down in the community and in Japan. To create these beautiful pictures, they first draw them on paper, then cut them out with cutter knives. They tell their tales while arranging the cut-out pictures on an overhead projector, projecting the shadows onto the screen for all to enjoy.
In addition to the traditional stories, the organization has also created "Noto-mori Monogatari" based on the history of Nobusawa Castle, Nobusawa military history, and legends.
By showing it to children and local residents, the organization hopes to foster children’s pride in their hometown history, and love for their hometown.
The Shadow Picture Club performs at Tokiwa Elementary School twice per year as part of the school’s annual schedule. In addition, it performs at senior citizen facilities and nursery schools.

CopyrightYamagata Pref
ProductionYamagata Prefecture Life-long Learning Cultural Foundation(fndn)