Oinomori Hayashiza Preservation Society

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Murayama, Tendo

The Oinomori Hayashiza group was formed in 1915 (Taisho 4) for the anniversary festival of the coronation of Emperor Taisho. At the time, brilliant floats were paraded through Sue Town on horse-drawn carts. On the floats were a large Odaiko drum with smaller Kodaiko drummers seated on each side. Behind the Odaiko drum, a small child stood playing a small Changiri brass gong which is also known as Atarigane. Also, in the rear there were Shamisen (Japanese lutes), Fue (flutes), and Otokoshu (a group of men) rhythmically shouting in accompaniment to the music.
In the Showa period the dance stopped being performed, but in 1985 (60th year of Showa period), a preservation society was formed and the dance started to be passed on to local children. At that time, the Hayashi music was modified so that children could play the Taiko drums, sing, and play the brass Atarigane. Now, first through sixth grade students of the Oinomori Children’s Society are preparing for the area culture festival held in November.

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