Kawanouchi Hayashi Preservation Group

Theme : Traditional Art Area : Mogami, Mamurokawa

Every year on August 15th the Kawanouchi Inari Shrine Festival takes place in the Kawanouchi area of Mamurogawa Town. The origins of the Kawanouchi Festival depict Inari (a god worshiped for plentiful rice harvests, known for the fox statues at their shrines) returning home to the Shinden family house from the local shrine. The road to the family home is accompanied by the Kawanouchi Hayashi marching band and these traditions have been preserved until the present day. The members of the Hayashi band formed the preservation group in 1979 and have been keeping the tradition going by performing with both old and young members alike. The group continues to hand down this culture through generations by focusing on performances at local town events. You can experience these performances at the “Plum Festival”, the “Kawanouchi Festival” and the “Children’s Hometown Traditions Festival”.
Mamurogawa Town Board of Education: 0233-62-2305

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