Kiyokawa-sainokami Preservation Society

Theme : Traditional performing arts Area : Shonai, Shonai

The Kiyokawa Ward of Shonai Town is located in the eastern part of the Shonai area, next to the Mogami and Tachiyazawa rivers. It is an area with bountiful nature and a deep history of ship-borne transportation on its rivers. Sainokami is the name of a god that protects the village from outside diseases and evil spirits. Every year on January 3, a festival is held to ask the god for a rich harvest and prosperity for the area’s descendants. In the past, the festival was only for boys, but now girls also participate. The masters of the festival are children, and they parade throughout the town wearing headdresses called Tonkin, which represent the god Kiyokawa Sainokami. They also carry items called Tagakimono, which include staffs called Bonten, swords, and dolls called Dekusama. This traditional event has been cherished and continued by the residents of Kiyokawa Ward, adjusting it to fit their lives through the changing times.

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