The Araki Nursery Rhyme Preservation Society

Theme : Oral tradition literary arts Area : Mogami, Mamurogawa

In the 1940's, the late Mr. Rikuzo Sato, the then postmaster of Anrakujo, felt that the nursery rhymes handed down in the area were a treasure to be preserved and started collecting them. Together with elementary school teachers and their students they visited elderly people in the area to collect and preserve the songs. In 1961, the Anrakujo Nursery Rhyme Choir was organized at the elementary school, and with the cooperation of local residents, it developed into the Anrakujo Nursery Rhyme Preservation Association and has been active since then.
With the consolidation of the three elementary schools in the Anrakujo district in 2012, they took the opportunity to preserve the traditional culture that had primarily been handed down in the former Anrakujo Elementary School by founding the Folktales Preservation Association, and the association has been working to pass on the traditional culture of the Anrakujo district to the next generation.

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