Akutsu Cultural Treasure Preservation Society

Theme : Traditional Art Area : Okitama, Takahata

The Akutsu Ennen (Dance for long life), is held in the special court shrine room of the Hachiman Shrine every September as part of an annual celebration. The whole dance is made up of 3 types: Bugaku, Chigo-mai, Uba-mai, and 7 songs: Enbushiki, Santaibu, Ogami-mai, Choboraku, Taiheiraku, Hebitori-mai, Uba-mai. The preservation society assumed responsibility of this festival after 44 generations of the Kondayu family and efforts are now focused on passing down this practice to the local children for them to carry on the tradition.
Akutsu Hachiman Shrine office: TEL 0238-52-5990

The Chigo-mai is danced by children and the Uba-mai is danced by elders.

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